Bud Light Weego

Philanthropic sentiment for a captive Super Bowl audience

McGarryBowen pitched and won the overall business just a handful of months before Super Bowl XLVI. We formatted the pitch to include digital with every concept and ultimately won the work based on our overall integration. We were given the opportunity to put a Super Bowl spot together with just months before the event and needed to find a concept that was both executable in a short time, and could deliver a measurable return with a captive Super Bowl audience that included a wide demographic. Weego the rescue dog was born.

My role - Creative Director, Digital

GCDs - Michael Straznickas & Dave Reger
ACD - Jon Morgan
Photo - Mike Eisenberg
Agency - McGarryBowen

The spot garnered over 25,000 likes on facebook in the first 24 hours and over 100,000 new followers by the end of the week. They donated $250,000 in their name and helped raise awareness for rescue animals nationwide.

The digital team was integrated from the start, reading, reacting and working with scripts from other teams. The upfront collaboration led to a simple idea, and a simple solution.

With the addition of a trained rescue dog and the nod from the client to arrange a donation corresponding to social sharing, we created an ad that raised awareness for rescue animals, garnered social sharing well outside the demographic, and increased the amount of people in the social sphere of the brand.

A partner organization was found that both the client and public would be excited about – the Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation and their support of no-kill shelters for rescue animals.